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Alien Feast

Alien Feast

Chronicles of the First Invasion (Volume 1)

Michael Simmons, illustrated bu George O'Connor

Roaring Brook Press



THE WAR OF THE WORLDS MEETS DOUGLAS ADAMS as two kids and one old man prepare to save the world.

Things are getting better with the alien invasion. Sure it's still not too uncommon to come home and find your step-parents reduced to a pile of unsavory feet—but at least now with the disease killing the aliens off, you have a relatively decent chance of making it through a day without getting mostly eaten. William knows this first-hand, having lost both his step-parents, but when the aliens kidnap his long-time crush Sophie's scientist parents (and the government won't help) it's up to William, Sophie, and William's bizarre Uncle Maynard to save them…and perhaps the rest of the world while they are at it. A hysterically twisted adventure that will knock your feet off!


Praise for Alien Feast

“Reluctant readers and juvenile SF buffs will look forward to more from this author.” —VOYA

“Complete with dandy special effects and no small measure of wish fulfillment . . . just in time for summer reading.” —Horn Book

“The out-of-this-world story will appeal to young readers, who will look forward to the second installment.” —Kirkus Reviews

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About the author

Michael Simmons, illustrated bu George O'Connor

Michael Simmons is the author of four previous novels: Pool Boy, Vandal, Finding Lubchenko, and The Rise of Lubchenko. He lives in New York, New York.

George O'Connor is an author, illustrator and cartoonist. His first graphic novel, Journey Into Mohawk Country, used as its sole text the actual historical journal of the seventeenth-century Dutch trader Harmen Meyndertsz van den Bogaert, and told the true story of how New York almost wasn't. He followed that up with Ball Peen Hammer, the first graphic novel written by playwright Adam Rapp, a dark, dystopian view of a society's collapse. Now he has brought his attention to Olympians, an ongoing series retelling the classic Greek myths in comics form. In addition to his graphic novel career, O'Connor has published several children's picture books, including the New York Times best-selling Kapow, Sally and the Some-Thing, and Uncle Bigfoot. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Michael Simmons

Michael Simmons

George O'Connor

art by George O'Connor

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