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All Roads Lead to October

All Roads Lead to October

Boss Steinbrenner's 25-Year Reign over the New York Yankees

Maury Allen

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George Herman Ruth was the Babe.
Lou Gehrig was the Iron Horse.
Joe DiMaggio was the Yankee Clipper.
George Steinbrenner is the Boss.

On a rainy January morning, 1973, a press conference is called that will change the face of the Yankees forever. A young Cleveland Industrialist by the name of Steinbrenner stands at New York's famed 21 Club and announces his new ownership of the Yankees. And so begins the Steinbrenner era, the era of the Boss. Now with five World Championships to his name, Steinbrenner is not only the owner of one of the past century's winningest baseball teams, but a legendary figure in his own right. Both eccentric and egocentric, Steinbrenner's unique approach to the game turned a not-so-good 1973 Yankees squad into World Champions just five years later.

As integral to the history of the Yankees as DiMaggio or Ruth, All Road Lead to October examines the team under Steinbrenner's reign. Having covered the Yankees since Steinbrenner came aboard, acclaimed sports journalist and noted author Maury Allen examines the complex and often fiery relationships the owner had with the likes of Billy Martin, Reggie Jackson, Yogi Berra, Joe Torre, Darryl Strawberry and many others.

Here are the first hand, insider's accounts of the pivotal events in the Yankees rise to power. Covering both off the field and on the field controversies like Yankees pitchers Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich's wife swapping, the angry tirades, fights and often brilliant coaching moves of the misunderstood Billy Martin, the inside story of the signing of Reggie Jackson whose ego was as big as his bat, and the Yankees rise to baseball dominance with the likes of Jeter, Williams, El Duque, Clemens, Rivera and Torre, Maury Allen give an exclusive look at all the action. Allen was there through it all, from Steinbrenner's first press conference, through the death of Catfish Hunter, the World Series wins, the controversial trades and firings, and even when a drunk Billy Martin banged on his hotel room door one night madder than hell. This is the definitive look at not only the Boss, the but the New York Yankees, the most celebrated team of the twentieth century.


The telephone rang in my home early on the morning of January 3, 1973. It was old pal Bob Fishel, publicity director of the New York Yankees. He was calling me to a press conference at New York's fashionable "21" club.
Fishel had...


Praise for All Roads Lead to October

“Allen captures the paradoxical mixture of callousness and generosity, arrogance and sentimentality, competence and silliness that propelled the Yankee leader unto baseball's center stage.” —Sports Illustrated

“Fascinating tidbits of Yankee lore.” —The New York Times

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Maury Allen

Maury Allen began his career writing for Sports Illustrated and then moved to the New York Post where he covered the Yankees for 27 years.

Maury Allen

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