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A Poisoned Mind

A Poisoned Mind

A Trish Maguire Mystery

Trish Maguire Mysteries (Volume 9)

Natasha Cooper

Minotaur Books




"I don't know how you've survived at the Bar this long," Anthony said to Trish. "Caring for your clients to the point of derangement is bad enough; but to start fretting over the opposition. . . . "

In spite of the barristers' rule that any suitably quali?ed member of the Bar who is free to take an offered case must do so, QC Trish Maguire can't quite understand how her head of chambers, Anthony Shelley, can accept a case defending the corrupt Clean World Waste Management company. So when the brilliant and cynical Anthony is nearly killed in an accident, Trish is faced with a painful dilemma: Does she take over the company's defense, or threaten her hard-won career by refusing to appear in court against Angie Fortwell, the impoverished widow of a hard-working farmer? As Trish delves deeper into the case, she grows more and more troubled by a nagging thought: Was the explosion that killed Angie's husband really an accident, or the result of sabotage?

With all this going on at work, the last thing Trish needs is the possibility of explosions at home. Yet she can't simply walk away from Jay, the clever but damaged fourteen-year-old boy who has attached himself to her family---especially when his mother is found beaten and close to death.

A brilliant novel of crime and its consequences, A Poisoned Mind demonstrates the full range of Natasha Cooper's emotional intelligence and storytelling powers.


A Poisoned Mind

Chapter 1
'The face of courage,' said the caption under a photograph that made Trish Maguire's teeth ache with sympathy.
Angela Fortwell's spare features were stripped of everything most middle-aged women...


Praise for A Poisoned Mind

“Simply gorgeous---a smart, complex, grown-up entertainment that rewards the reader on every page. Intricate in plotting, deft in characterization, [A Poisoned Mind] is one of the best legal thrillers I have ever read.” —Laura Lippman, New York Times bestselling author of What the Dead Know

“[Natasha Cooper] is one to watch.” —Ian Rankin, Edgar award-winning author of The Naming of the Dead

“Natasha Cooper brings a keen emotional intelligence to bear on the dark side of contemporary life. Trish Maguire is a heroine the new millennium.” —Val McDermid, author of The Grave Tattoo

“Cooper excels at depicting the effects of terror on the weak and the strong.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Natasha Cooper [is] one of England's best.” —The San Diego Union Tribune

“Cooper's tense psychological thrillers are noteworthy for their taut pacing, devilishly clever plots, and keen insights into the darker recesses of the human psyche.” —Booklist

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About the author

Natasha Cooper

Natasha Cooper, an ex-publisher, past chair of the Crime Writers' Association, and lifelong Londoner, sets her novels in the city that she loves. In 2002, she was shortlisted for the Dagger in the Library, an award that goes to "the author whose work has given the most pleasure to readers." She regularly speaks at crime writing conferences on both sides of the Atlantic, including an appearance as Toastmistress at Bouchercon 2004.

Natasha Cooper



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