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Apple's America

Apple's America

The Discriminating Traveler's Guide to 40 Great Cities

R. W. Apple Jr.

North Point Press



Unpretentious, sophisticated, and always appetizing advice from a celebrated authority

For more than thirty years, R. W. Apple Jr. roamed the United States as an eyewitness to history. Here, in Apple's America, his robust enthusiasm for the food and culture of New England, the South and West, the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, and his native Middle West carried him to forty great cities, where he proves to be our ideal guide--amused and amusing, knowledgeable, indefatigable, and endlessly curious.

From Boston to Honolulu, from Montreal to Las Vegas, Cincinnati to Seattle, Johnny Apple explores the landmarks, architecture, business, culture, and, of course, the food and beverages of his favorite urban communities. Capturing the tone and style of American city life to perfection, he shows us the hidden treasures, the best buildings, the famous landmarks, the historical aura, and the present-day realities that make each city so memorable. And in each he recommends several places to stay, numerous places to eat, and sites or activities you shouldn't miss. No traveler in the United States will want to do without his recommendations.


Praise for Apple's America

“A wordsmith, trencherman, Trojan and gourmet of the first order. Johnny's fun-filled explorations of the United States broaden our grasp of geography.” —Paul C. P. McIlhenny, President and CEO of the McIlhenny Company

“Johnny Apple is a virtuoso performer, in his range and appetite perhaps the most accomplished of his generation. He has written superbly of politics, art, music, architecture, food, drink, and now American cities. This book is Apple at the top of his form.” —Ward Just

“Johnny Apple makes looking at architecture a feast--and every American city a luscious dish waiting to be sampled.” —James Stewart Polshek

“Anyone who finds it necessary to visit a city for business and knows not a damn thing about the place will be very thankful for Apple's America. Johnny's enthusiasm, style, and gastronomic adventurousness will help any traveler to unfamiliar places, as well as edify any visitor to an American city who hasn't had the luck to go there with him and Betsey. Apple's America, once read, should be bound in leather and kept permanently in the luggage.” —William Bolcom

“[This book's] outstanding service is its advice on how to fill you stomach after filling your eye. . . . Apple sniffs out the best smoked salmon in Britain, the best steak in Scotland, the best grilled fish in Venice, the best Danish pastry in Copenhagen, the best pigeon pie in Marrakech.” —Charles Michener, The Atlantic Monthly on Apple's Europe

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About the author

R. W. Apple Jr.

R.W. APPLE JR. worked for The New York Times for forty years, serving at various times as Associate Editor, Chief Correspondent, Chief Washington Correspondent, and Washington Bureau Chief. He began writing food articles for the Times in the late 1970s, when reporting from London. His writing also appeared in a variety of magazines, including The Atlantic Monthly, Esquire, GQ, Saveur, Travel & Leisure, Departures, Gourmet, Town & Country and National Geographic Traveler. He lived with his wife Betsey in Washington, D.C, where he died in 2006.

R. W. Apple Jr.

R. W. Apple Jr.

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