A Prayer for the Damned

In February of 668 A.D., Fidelma of Cashel and her companion Eadulf are about to get married. Again.  Their initial trial marriage of a year and a day has ended and they are about to embark on a permanent partnership.  As the sister to the King of Muman, Fidelma's marriage ceremony is a major event in the kingdom of Ireland and the High King, as well as kings of the other Irish kingdoms and other major figures are going to be in attendance.  One not so welcome guest is the fanatical Abbot Ultan, who advocates the radical position of celebacy for all religieuse and feels that Sister Fidelma's upcoming nuptials are an abomination.  On the eve of the ceremony, Abbot Ultan is found murdered in his chamber.  Worse still, one of the most distinguished guests, the King of Connacht, has been seen fleeing from the scene and is charged with the murder. Quickly Fidelma, who is appointed in the King's defense, discovers that Abbot Ultan is not the pious man he was thought to be, and has numerous enemies amongst those assembled for the wedding. Her wedding delayed, the high born guests restless and querulous, and the murder and it's aftermath threatening to cause chaos throughout the Kingdom, it's up to Fidelma to uncover the murderer--and the truth behind the murder itself--if the often tenuouos peace of 7th century Ireland is to be maintained.


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CHAPTER ONE‘Have a care, Ségdae of Imleach, lest you be faced with death and eternal damnation!’
As he spoke, Abbot Ultán smote the table in front of him with a balled fist.
There was an audible gasp from those seated on the opposite side of the dark oak boards. Only the man to whom the words were addressed seemed unconcerned. Ségdae, the tall, silver-haired abbot and bishop of Imleach, sat relaxed in his chair with a smile on his face.
There were six men and two women seated at the table in the sanctum of the abbot of Imleach. On one side was Abbot Ségdae


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"A Prayer for the Damned is a blessing for the millions of Sister Fidelma's devoted fans around the world. [She] is a vibrant creation, a woman of wit and courage who would be outstanding in any era, but brings a special sparkle to the wild beauty of medieval Ireland. The  author sets the scene with meticulous care and develops the plot with intelligence. Well done!" --Morgan Llywelyn, best-selling author of Finn Mac Cool and The Last Prince of Ireland
"Tremayne writes so authentically about this remote time period that readers will feel they are there in every way. His densely plotted stories are a delight for those who love puzzle mysteries." --Library Journal (starred review) on Master of Souls
"Engrossing....Rich in historical detail, this series also reflects on many contemporary issues... Tremayne has produced another winner." -- Publishers Weekly on A Prayer for the Damned
"Another stellar installment in the most authentically detailed medieval mystery series currently being published." -- Booklist on A Prayer for the Damned

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  • Peter Tremayne

  • Peter Tremayne is the fiction pseudonym of Peter Berresford Ellis, a renowned Celtic scholar who has written over 30 books on the Ancient Celts and the Irish. As Tremayne, he is best known for his stories and novels featuring 7th century Irish religieuse Fidelma of Cashel. He lives in London.
  • Peter Tremayne





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