A School for Sorcery

A School for Sorcery (Volume 1)

E. Rose Sabin

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Nothing could have been more unexpected - or exciting - than the letter that arrives in the mail informing Tria Tesserel that she has been accepted at the prestigious Lesley Simonton School for the Magically Gifted.

Tria has known since she was a child that she had special gifts. Now she will be able to master her craft among peers as powerful as she.

But Tria is crestfallen to discover the school is...well...a bit less grand than advertised.

The shock of her dismal, tumbledown surroundings, however, is nothing compared to the surprise that awaits her: her roommate, Lina Mueller. An insufferable snob and haughty dilettante, Lina violates Simonton's rules by casually flaunting her power whenever she pleases-and toward whomever displeases her. Unluckily for Tria, that includes her. When Lina eggs Tria into retaliating, it begins a sorcery civil war that lands both young women in front of the furious headmistress.

But real trouble looms when Oryon-a classmate of formidable power but bent to dark purpose-decides to ally himself with evil forces. Conspiring with witches known as Dire Women, Oryon causes two classmates to disappear . . . imprisoned in a terrifying world beyond the reach of anyone but Tria.

Has she the power to subdue Oryon and the Dire Women? If she fails, her classmates will die.

Tria will have to make a journey unlike any she has ever undertaken. A journey alone into the heart of Evil.

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The Letter
Tria! Tria, come into the house right away!”
Tria looked up from her egg gathering and saw her mother standing at the back door, shouting the summons. Whatever she wanted, it must be something serious. She never allowed Tria to leave her chores undone.
“Coming,” she called back as she added two last eggs to those already in the basket.
She walked fast, carrying the basket carefully so as not to break the eggs.
“Run!” her mother called again.
Something terrible must have happened. With one hand over the eggs to keep them from bouncing,

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Praise for A School for Sorcery

J. K. Rowling introduced us to the charms and secrets of Hogwarts; now E. Rose Sabin opens up a school for teens who possess equal talents. A School for Sorcery is an excellent study of teens and magic in a very unusual school." -Andre Norton

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About the Author

E. Rose Sabin

E. Rose Sabin is a former teacher who now devotes her time to writing fantasy and science fiction. Her stories have won many awards and A School for Sorcery-her first novel-won the Andre Norton Gryphon award.

She lives in Pinellas County, Florida, with her two dogs, B'Elana and Dax.

E. Rose Sabin

Penni Lawrence

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A School for Sorcery
E. Rose Sabin


NYPL Books for the Teen Age


Tom Doherty Associates
Tor Books
September 2002
ISBN: 9780765302892
ISBN10: 0765302896
5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 320 pages
Age Range: 12 to 18
Grade Range: 9 and up

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