Ask Your Pharmacist

A Leading Pharmacist Answers Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Lisa M. Chavis, R.Ph.

St. Martin's Press

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With humor and friendliness, leading pharmacist Lisa Chavis has compiled a home health reference that every family must have. Her objective is to provide consumers with easy-to-understand answers to their most frequently asked health-care questions. Ask Your Pharmacist gives readers the inside scoop on which products really work, as well as the best remedies for common ailments, and it cheerfully answers those embarrassing questions you'd rather not ask in person. The book's chapters each deal with a specific area of health: women's, men's, babies', teens' and more. And each entry explains what the problem is, why it occurs, and how it's treated with prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, or herbal remedies.

Learn what to do for:
ADHD * Allergies * Asthma * Athletic Injuries * Backache * Bad Breath * Bee Stings * BPH * Bunions * Cataracts * Chicken Pox * Cold and Cough * Constipation * Corns/Calluses * Dandruff * Diaper Rash * Diarrhea * Earaches * Excessive Hair * Fever * Fibromyalgia * Gas * Headache * Hives * Insomnia * Migraine * Nausea and Vomiting * Osteoarthritis * Rheumatoid Arthritis * Shingles * Sinusitis * Sore Throats * Sprains and Strains * Tinnitus * Toothache * Varicose Veins...and much, much more!

Special appendixes round out the book with information for readers on:

How to create a family first-aid kit, what to keep on hand when bringing home a new baby, additional resources to go to for help, and a glossary to help readers make sense of "pharmacy speak."

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Aches and Pains:
“Oh, My Aching Body!”
Athletic Injuries
Headache and Migraines
Dsteoarthritis (see Chapter 10)
Rheumatoid Arthritis (see Chapter 10)
Sprains and Strains
WHEN OUR BODIES are in pain, the whole world feels out of balance. It’s difficult to concentrate on anything more than simply making the pain disappear as fast as possible. Often we must learn which non-drug therapies, over-the-counter products, and prescription drugs best manage the pain. If you’re thinking, “I don’t want to

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About the Author

Lisa M. Chavis, R.Ph.

Lisa Chavis is a leading pharmacist and is featured weekly as an "Ask the Experts" panel member for women's health and menopause on Through and, her on-line columns have reached millions. She lives in Redmond, Washington.

Lisa M. Chavis


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Ask Your Pharmacist
A Leading Pharmacist Answers Your Most Frequently Asked Questions
Lisa M. Chavis, R.Ph.

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e-Book Agency
St. Martin's Press
April 2007
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ISBN: 9781429971874
ISBN10: 1429971878
416 pages

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