Alina Simone

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Alina Simone is a critically acclaimed singer who was born in Kharkov, Ukraine, and now lives in Brooklyn. Her music has been covered by a wide range of media, including BBC’s The World, NPR, Spin, Billboard, The New Yorker, and The Wall Street Journal. She is the author of the book You Must Go and Win. 



  • Alina Simone, Eugene Mirman & Stephen Elliott on Marketing

    Alina Simone, Eugene Mirman and Stephen Elliott create what is possibly the best book marketing plan of all time.

  • Alina Simone, Eugene Mirman & Stephen Elliott brainstorm.

    Now that Oprah is off the air, Alina Simone, Eugene Mirman and Stephen Elliott have to brainstorm more marketing ideas for the release of her book, You Must Go and Win, and explore meta tags, book banning and just what YouTube will let us post.

  • Poets Read Craigslist Posts

    Author and musician Alina Simone recruited a few poets to read Craigslist posts. Including James Copeland, Anna Moschovakis, Matvei Yankelevich, Brett Flecher Lauer, Tao Lin, Claire Donato, and Jeff T. Johnson

  • Alina Simone discovers the lost Amanda Palmer footage

    Never before seen film of Amanda Palmer before she was a rock star. As a young art student, musician and author Alina Simone captured Amanda on her road to fame.

  • Alina Simone reads from Note to Self

    Simone reads from the first chapter of her debut novel for The Next Best Book Club.

  • WNYC Soundcheck: Can't Knock The Hustle. Or Can You?

    Can't Knock The Hustle. Or Can You? One musician is resisting the pressure to become an entrepreneur.

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