Amanda Thomas



  • Domestic CEO Amanda Thomas on How to Use Natural Products in Your Laundry

    Watch this video and learn how to do laundry without harmful chemicals. Amanda Thomas, the Domestic CEO, gives you easy laundry tips for using natural products that won't leave chemical residue in your clothes.These green products--things you already have around the house--will help you keep a green household.

  • Domestic CEO Amanda Thomas on How to Avoid Airline Luggage Fees

    Watch this video and learn how to avoid expensive airline baggage fees. Domestic CEO Amanda Thomas shows you how to pack light, so that everything you need for your trip fits in your carry-on luggage. Learn travel secrets, like why making a list can help you cut down on unnecessary items. The Domestic CEO shares packing tips like rolling clothes instead of folding, and travel tips like placing small items in plastic bags. With the Domestic CEO, your next airplane trip will be easy--and not so expensive!

  • Domestic CEO Amanda Thomas Three Tips for Using Hydrogen Peroxide in Your Home

    Watch this video and learn three tips for using hydrogen peroxide in your home from Domestic CEO Amanda Thomas. Learn how to store hydrogen peroxide so it doesn't lose its effectiveness, how to use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect counters and cutting boards, and how to use hydrogen peroxide in your laundry.



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