Amir Ahmad Nasr

Amir Ahmad Nasr

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Amir Ahmad Nasr

AMIR AHMAD NASR is the author of My Isl@m and the blogger behind The Sudanese Thinker, a three-time finalist for the Weblog Awards. He is pursuing a master's degree in philosophy with a focus on Islam and ethics and is also researching the impact of new media on contemporary Islamic thought. His writing appears regularly in The Guardian, he has made appearances on Al-Jazeera and Huffington Post Live, and has been a featured speaker at Oslo Freedom Forum and other conferences. He lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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My Isl@m

Amir Ahmad Nasr
St. Martin's Press

Amir Ahmad Nasr is a young Muslim man with something explosive in his hands: a computer connected to the Internet. And it has the power to help ignite a...

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