Anton Lesser

Anton Lesser is a well-known British actor.  He has performed many key roles with the Royal Shakespeare Theater and appeared in numerous classics on BBC-TV including The Cherry Orchard, Dickens, and The Mill on the Floss.  He has also appeared in Five Daughters, Casualty 1909, and Little Dorrit.  His film roles include River Queen, Deep Sleep, and Miss Potter
Anton's countless audiobooks include reading classics, such as The Iliad, Paradise Lost, Hamlet, and A Tale of Two Cities.  He also recorded Love Letters of Great Men, written by Ursula Doyle and published by Macmillan Audio.



  • Cat O'Nine Tales by Jeffrey Archer--audiobook excerpt

    Listen to this audiobook excerpt from the short story collection Cat O'Nine Tales by bestselling author Jeffrey Archer. In this audio clip, narrated by Anton Lesser, you'll hear the story "The Man Who Robbed His Own Post Office." The fifth collection of irresistible short stories from the master storyteller, Cat O'Nine Tales is ingeniously plotted, with richly drawn characters and Jeffrey Archer's trademark of deliciously unexpected conclusions.

  • Love Letters of Great Men edited by Ursula Doyle--Audiobook Excerpt

    Listen to this audiobook excerpt from the book Love Letters of Great Men, edited by Ursula Doyle. Remember the wonderfully romantic book of love letters that Carrie reads aloud to Big in the recent blockbuster film, Sex and the City? Fans raced to buy copies of their own, only to find out that the beautiful book didn't actually exist. However, since all of the letters referenced in the film did exist, we decided to publish this gorgeous keepsake ourselves.

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