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Baron Baptiste

The son of two yoga pioneers, Baron Baptiste began to study yoga seriously at the age of 12 and trained extensively in all the major traditions before creating Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga in the mid-nineties.  Baptiste has trained both celebrities and athletes, including Helen Hunt, Rachel Welch, and the Philadelphia Eagles. He is the founder of the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute with studios in Boston and Cambridge, has a bestselling Power Yoga Video series and is author of the landmark book Journey Into Power. He divides his time between Cambridge, Massachusetts and Sundance, Utah.

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The Yoga Bootcamp Box
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The Yoga Bootcamp Box

Baron Baptiste
St. Martin's Press
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Based on master yogi Baron Baptiste's popular Yoga Bootcamp workout programs, this interactive kit focuses on tapping the healing powers of the mind while purifying, energizing, and regenerating...

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