Brenda A. Ferber

Brenda A. Ferber

I grew up in Highland Park, Illinois, the third of four children.  My dad is a doctor, and my mom is an artist.  Even though our family had its share of fights, I thought it was the greatest family in the world.  I always felt loved and knew I could accomplish whatever I set my mind to. My mom says I was a natural born leader, but my brother and sisters say I liked to boss people around.  I guess it goes to show you how important point of view can be! 
I’m close with all my siblings, but my younger sister, Micky, and I are best friends.  We look so much alike that people often ask us if we’re twins.  Sometimes we say yes!  When we were kids, Micky and I shared a bedroom, and I used to make up stories for her at bedtime.  I was never very good at figuring out the endings to my stories, so I’d tell Micky to go to sleep and dream the end.  When I wasn’t making up stories, I was reading to Micky or to myself.  I didn’t always have my nose in a book, though.  I played with friends (four-square and anything make-believe were my favorite games), went to Hebrew school, took tennis lessons and theater classes, wrote in my diary, and, best of all, went to summer camp in northern Wisconsin. 
When I reached my teens, my dreams of becoming an author drifted away.  I focused my energy instead of fitting in with the crowd.  Who had time to write stories when t



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