Brent Rollins

Alternately known as Asparagus, Prima, Gor-gee, Half-Black, Kinda-Black, Brent Rollins or Milton Reese (depending on the time of day), Brent Rollins, et's full-time Art Director and part-time scribe, is the original “Afrocentric Asian, half man/half-amazin’.”

But whatever he’s called, he’s called often by the entertainment biz. Before graduating from UCLA with a BFA, Rollins had the fortunate opportunity to cut his teeth designing logos for films like Spike Lee’s Mo’ Better Blues and John Singleton’s Boyz N The Hood as well as interning at Fattal And Collins Design & Advertising. He punctuated his college career by creating graphics for a FOX Network variety show, revamping the identity for TV’s historic Soul Train and
studying for a French exam all during his senior finals week. C’est incroyable!

However, it was his subsequent two-year bid (1994-1996) as Art Director for Rap Pages magazine which honed Rollins’ talents. Since then, he’s serviced clients such as Miramax Films, ICM, A&M, Mo’ Wax and SoleSides Records. Along the way, he’s also created art for the Pharcyde, The Notorious B.I.G., Gang Starr, Sir Menelik, Black Star and The Refugee Project charity organization. Between maintaining the 24/7 grind that has put food on his table and made his mom proud, the design veteran continues to champion the maligned and fo


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