Caleb Fox

Caleb Fox came from a part of Arkansas that was originally Indian Territory. When he was a teenager, his aunts revealed to him that the family was part Cherokee, or in their words, "redneck on one side of the mountain, redskin on the other."
After graduating college, he went to the archives of the Cherokee nation, researched his ancestors, and looked up some of his relatives. One family told him mythic Cherokee and Lakota stories he'd missed out on as a child, introduced him to ceremonies, and put his feet on the red road.
Fox lives in Indian Country. He is the author of Zadayi Red.

Caleb Fox

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Zadayi Red - Review

Clyde Hall reviews the new book, Zadayi Red, from Caleb Fox

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Caleb Fox


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Zadayi Red

Caleb Fox
Tor Books

A compelling new voice in fantasy brings us a tale like no other in the genre. A young Shaman of the Galayi people has had a powerful and frightening...

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