Charles Slack

Charles Slack is a former business reporter and feature writer for the Richmond Times-Dispatch and has contributed articles to many prominent national magazines. He lives in Richmond, Virginia.


Blue Fairways

Charles Slack

A duffer's odyssey on the public links from Maine to Key West.

A golfing everyman takes us on a pilgrimage, playing public golf courses along Route 1 down the east coast of the United States. From his first round with French-Canadian partners amidst the potato fields of northern Maine to his final round against a setting tropical sun in Key West, Charlie Slack chronicles the best and worst of the public-golf experience. Each round introduces a new set of partners and opens a window onto a new locale, whether it's the manicured suburbs of Connecticut, the worn-down urban centers of the Northeast Corridor, or the sun-drenched golfing havens of the South. Here in the land of new beginnings, Charlie Slack lives out every golfer's fantasy, a fresh start and a pristine fairway each and every morning. An utterly charming tale of a quintessentially American journey of discovery.