Christopher L. Bennett

CHRISTOPHER L. BENNETT has had multiple works of short fiction published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact as well as the online magazines DayBreak and Alternative Coordinates, and has written critically acclaimed novels based on Star Trek, Spider-Man, and X-Men, all of them with a hard science slant. Only Superhuman is his first original novel. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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April 13, 2014

At last, the 1984 show: Thoughts on THE RETURN OF GODZILLA

As I mentioned before in my overview of the Heisei Era of the Godzilla film franchise, I was unable to see the first film in the rebooted series, 1984′s The Return of Godzilla (known simply as Gojira in Japan, despite being a sequel to the film of that same name rather than...

Posted by Christopher L. Bennett at 9:30 pm     
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by the author

Only Superhuman

Christopher L. Bennett
Tor Books

In the future, genetically engineered superhumans, inspired by classic Earth comic book heroes, fight to keep the peace in the wild and wooly space habitats of...

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