Count Droffig

Count Droffig is the best-selling author who has written hundreds of aticles and more than 100 books under the pseudonym Clive Gifford. For Kingfisher, Clive's titles include The Kingfisher Motorsports Encyclopedia, The Kingfisher Soccer Encyclopedia, Kingfisher Knowledge: Spies, and The Kingfisher Book of Living Worlds, and many more. Clive lives in Manchester, England.

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The Book of Bad Things Sizzle Video

This ingenious book-within-a-book traces the author's hunt for a long-rumored, much feared book which is reputed to have been at many of the bad happenings in human history... take a peek!

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by the author

Book of Bad Things, The

by Count Droffig, aka Clive Gifford

Our Book of Bad Things is a book about THE Book of Bad Things--a long-rumoured, much feared volume that some people believe has been present at many of the bad...

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