David P. Barash, Ph.D.

David P. Barash holds a Ph.D. in zoology and is currently professor of psychology at the University of Washington, Seattle. He has written more than a dozen books, including Making Sense of Sex with Judith Lipton, Ideas of Human Nature, and The Mammal in the Mirror, as well as popular articles in Playboy, Psychology Today, and the New York Times.

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by the author

The Survival Game

David P. Barash
Holt Paperbacks

"An accessible, intriguing explanation of game theory . . . that can help explain much human behavior." -Seattle Post-Intelligencer Humans, like...

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The Myth of Monogamy

David P. Barash, Ph.D. and Judith Eve Lipton, M.D.
Holt Paperbacks

Applying new research to sex in the animal world, esteemed scientists David P. Barash and Judith Eve Lipton dispel the notion that monogamy comes naturally. In...

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