Donna Hill

Donna Hill

Donna Hill, author of books including Divas, Inc. and In My Bedroom, lives in Brooklyn, New York. She has more than fifty published titles to her credit, three of which were adapted for television. She has been featured in Essence, the Daily News, USA Today, Today's Black Woman, and Black Enterprise, among many others.


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Q & A

1. What do you like to do in your free time?
Free time, what is that?  When I do get a minute, I love to listen to R&B classics, find new restaurants, lounge on my bed and watch every episode I can find of Law & Order.  And now, playing with my adorable granddaughter everyday.
2. What kind of music do you like to listen to? Why?
Classic R&B and Jazz.  I love classic R&B because it reminds me of my party days and the days when singers really sang!  Jazz was instilled in me as a child because my dad used to play it all the time. Now those were some singers and musicians!
3. What's your all time favorite movie? Why?
Blind Date with Bruce Willis. It was simply hilarious. And it's funny every time I watch it.
4. What's your all time favorite novel and/or writer? Why?
A Woman of Substance by Barbara Taylor Bradford.  Her book inspired me to write Rhythms.  I loved the "saga" of it all and the strength of the heroine.
5. What do you like best about being a writer?
It is the one job you can do from anywhere in the world.  Being a writer has opened up unlimited dimensions for me.  I get to create worlds and people and make them do what I want.  (Now that's gangsta!  LOL). But most of all my work touches people like no other job I've had.


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