Douglas Hunter

Douglas Hunter is the author of Half Moon: Henry Hudson and the Voyage that Redrew the Map of the New World, and God's Mercies: Rivalry, Betrayal, and the Dream of Discovery, a finalist for both the Writers' Trust Non-Fiction Prize and the Governor-General's Literary Award for Non-Fiction. He was awarded Canada's National Business Book Award for The Bubble and the Bear: How Nortel Burst the Canadian Dream. He is a doctoral candidate in history at York University, and is one of Canada's Vanier Scholars and the 2012 recipient of the William E. Taylor Fellowship, which recognizes Canada's outstanding doctoral candidate in social sciences and the humanities.

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by the author

The Race to the New World

Douglas Hunter
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Every schoolchild knows that "in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue"—but what they don't teach you in history class is that he wasn't the only one. In The...

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