Elizabeth M. Norman

Elizabeth M. Norman, the author of two books about war, teaches at New York University’s Steinhardt School of Education.

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Tears in the Darkness: Art and Artist

Ben Steele gives us a tour of the oil paintings depicting his days as a POW: scenes from the battle, death march, camps and the coal mine in Japan where he was enslaved. We also get a look at his studio. He talks about teaching art and the first time a Japanese student walked into his classroom.

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Tears in the Darkness: Off to War

Ben Steele takes us from boot camp to his arrival in the Philippines, then to the bombing of Clark Field. Later he became a foot soldier in the battle of Bataan -- 99 days of fighting and starvation. "Help is on the way," his commanders promised, a promise, he says, that turned out to be a "lie."

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Tears in the Darkness - Book Trailer

The critically acclaimed new book from Michael Norman and Elizabeth M. Norman on WWII and the infamous Bataan Death March.

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by the author

Tears in the Darkness

Michael Norman and Elizabeth M. Norman

Tears in the Darkness is an altogether new look at World War II that exposes the myths of war and shows the extent of suffering and loss on both...

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