Erik Bergmann

Erik Bergmann

Erik Bergmann has been performing since the age of ten, practicing mimicry and character voices since he could form a syllable. Making a living doing voice-over work in New York City, Erik can also be heard narrating the Area 51 and Justice League audiobook series, as well as the voice of Fred on the companion audiobook for the Warner Bros. feature film Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. He has also dabbled in television, making appearances on Saturday Night Live and Break a Leg and doing voiceover work for Random! Cartoons. In praising Erik’s audiobook work in Robert Ludlum's The Moscow Vector, published by Macmillan Audio, AudioFile magazine said, "Erik Bergmann skillfully infuses the myriad characters with distinct accents in this spine-tingling trek…Bergmann moves this captivating plot from the frying pan into the nuclear furnace.”



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