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Floris Tomasini

FLORIS TOMASINI (BA(Hons), PGCE, MA, PhD) is a Medical Ethicist. Currently he is Research Associate Lancaster University, UK (2005-2007); De facto Co-ordinator on EU project - Institutionalising Ethics in Science Policy involving 12 European partners. His previous roles were as Research Associate IPPP, Lancaster University (2003-4) in association with English Heritage - strategies in the regeneration of blighted urban areas and Research Fellow (2002-3) in association with Royal Preston Hospital& the disablement services centre. Exploring the experience of amputees with phantom limb - a phenomenological approach. Teaching Assistant (2002-7) mainly on the undergraduate philosophy programme. Publications include: M. Levitt& F. Tomasini 'Bar-coded children; the England and Wales National DNA database' Genomics, Society& Policy submitted Feb/Mar 2006; F. Tomasini 'Imagining Human Enhancement: whose rationality, which justice?' Theoretical Medicine& Bioethics Forthcoming 2006/7 ; F. Tomasini 'Exploring the ethical justification for self-demand amputation' Ethics& Medicine. Forthcoming Spring 2006;F. Tomasini 'The case of self demand amputees: a dilemma for professional bioethics?' in Arguments& Analysis in Bioethics Eds. Matti Hayry et al., Rodopi, Fothcoming 2006.


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Examining Trust in Healthcare
A Multidisciplinary Perspective

Palgrave Macmillan
On the part of the patient, healthcare demands unconditional trust in the professional. But what is the nature of this trust, and to what extent is it...
Floris Tomasini

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