Hannah Broadway

Born and raised in Oxfordshire, England, Hannah is one of three sisters. Brought up in a loving and artistic family, Hannah had her creativity nurtured. 

From an early age it looked like she was destined for the stage, a born show-off, but drawing was a strong passion, too. With encouragement from excellent teachers at the local comprehensive school, she pursued her enthusiasm for both theater and art.

She joined the local youth theater, and soon made close friends including Sarah Hayes, who was renowned for creating incredible costumes, and Felix, Sarah’s son, and Hannah’s future husband—how very romantic!

In 1998, Hannah and Felix, along with friends, set up Network of Stuff Theatre.  It was a hectic time, as they all lived and worked together under one roof—having to take turns doing the office work in the broom cupboard under the stairs!  The company focused on silly stories and stylized surroundings.  Hannah was able to develop her skills as a designer and created costumes, props, posters, and sets for several productions that toured the UK, including many at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  Eventually, Hannah hung up her theater ambitions to study illustration.

At art school, Hannah embraced her interest in the everyday, pursuing themes in her work such as “the magic of the mundane” and “bread and butter love: everyday romance” as well as continuing to develop her sense


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