H. W. Brands

H. W. Brands is a distinguished professor of history and holder of the Melbern G. Glassock Chair at Texas A&M University. His previous books include the Pulitzer Prize finalist The First American: The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin, The Age of Gold, and TR, a biography of Theodore Roosevelt. He lives in Austin, Texas.

H. W. Brands

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Woodrow Wilson by H.W. Brands--Audiobook Excerpt

Listen to this audiobook excerpt from H.W. Brands' biography Woodrow Wilson, part of The American Presidents Series. Acclaimed historian and Pulitzer Prize finalist H. W. Brands offers a clear, well-informed, and timely account of Wilson's unusual route to the White House, his campaign against corporate interests, his struggles with rivals at home and allies abroad, and his decline in popularity and health following the rejection by Congress of his League of Nations.

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H. W. Brands

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Woodrow Wilson
The American Presidents
H. W. Brands; Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., General Editor
Times Books

A comprehensive account of the rise and fall of one of the major shapers of American foreign policy On the eve of his inauguration as President, Woodrow...

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