Ira Claffey

Ira Claffey has narrated or co-narrated numerous audio titles from Macmillan Audio.  His work includes Rock Rats, Thomas Jefferson, Rutherford B. Hayes, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John Quincy Adams, Grover Cleveland, James Madison, and Theodore Roosevelt.  Of Ira’s narration of Theodore Roosevelt, AudioFile magazine has said, “Ira Claffey's passionate but cultivated voice is the perfect medium in which to join two men of refinement.”



  • The Rock Rats by Ben Bova--Audiobook Excerpt

    Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Ben Bova's science fiction novel The Rock Rats, book 2 in The Asteroid Wars series, narrated by Ira Claffey, Amanda Karr and cast, with an introduction by Ben Bova.

  • Thomas Jefferson by Joyce Appleby--Audiobook Excerpt

    Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Joyce Appleby's biography Thomas Jefferson, part of The American Presidents Series. Few presidents have embodied the American spirit as fully as Thomas Jefferson. He was the originator of so many of the founding principles of American democracy. Politically, he shuffled off the centralized authority of the Federalists, working toward a more diffuse and minimalist leadership.

  • Theodore Roosevelt by Louis Auchincloss--Audiobook Excerpt

    Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Louis Auchincloss' biography Theodore Roosevelt, an intimate portrait of the first president of the 20th century. The American century opened with the election of that quintessentially American adventurer, Theodore Roosevelt. Louis Auchincloss's warm and knowing biography introduces us to the man behind the many myths of Theodore Roosevelt.

  • Grover Cleveland by Henry F. Graff--Audiobook Excerpt

    Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Henry F. Graff's biography Grover Cleveland, part of The American Presidents Series. Though often overlooked, Grover Cleveland was a significant figure in American presidential history. Having run for President three times and gaining the popular vote majority each time -- despite losing the electoral college in 1892 -- Cleveland was unique in the line of nineteenth-century Chief Executives.

  • John Quincy Adams by Robert V. Remini--Audiobook Excerpt

    Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Robert V. Remini's biography John Quincy Adams, part of The American Presidents Series. Chosen by the House of Representatives after an inconclusive election against Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams often failed to mesh with the ethos of his era, pushing unsuccessfully for a strong, consolidated national government. Historian Robert V.

  • Rutherford B. Hayes by Hans L. Trefousse--Audiobook Excerpt

    Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Hans L. Trefousse's biography Rutherford B. Hayes, part of The American Presidents Series. Hayes was a leader of the Reconstruction era, whose contested election eerily parallels the election debacle of 2000. The disputed election of 1876 between Rutherford B. Hayes and Samuel Tilden, in which Congress set up a special electoral commission, handing the disputed electoral votes to Hayes, brings recent events into sharp focus.

  • Dwight D. Eisenhower by Tom Wicker--Audiobook Excerpt

    Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Tom Wicker's biography Dwight D. Eisenhower, part of The American Presidents Series. A bona-fide American hero at the close of World War II, General Dwight Eisenhower rode an enormous wave of popularity into the Oval Office seven years later. Though we may view the Eisenhower years through a hazy lens of 1950s nostalgia, historians consider his presidency one of the least successful.

  • James Madison by Garry Wills--Audiobook Excerpt

    Listen to this audiobook excerpt from bestselling historian Garry Wills' biography James Madison. Explore Madison's rise to prominence in the colonies through his role in the creation if the Articles of Confederation and the first Constitutional Congress. Madison oversaw the first foreign war under the constitution, and had to confront issues such as public morale, internal security, relations with Congress, and the independence of the military.



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