James Rumford

James Rumford

I grew up in Southern California. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Chad and Afghanistan. I was a Fulbright lecturer in Rwanda. I have lived in Honolulu for over thirty years. I began writing and illustrating children's books in 1996, with the publication of my first book, The Cloudmakers (Houghton Mifflin). Since that time, I have written and illustrated 16 books and many more are on the way. I am also interested in fine bookmaking and have my own letter press called Manoa Press, founded in 1986. I have published many limited-edition handmade books.


Tiger and Turtle

written and illustrated by James Rumford

TOUCHES OF AESOP AND KIPLING mark James Rumford’s fable about two unlikely rivals.

Tiger says he saw the flower first, but Turtle disagrees. Through pages of glorious color, Tiger and Turtle continue their argument. They’re worthy opponents . . . as a tiger’s claws could not harm a turtle’s shell any more than a turtle’s feet could outrun a tiger’s. The battle intensifies, as does the artist’s palette: from golds to fiery reds to luxuriant blues, as the two resolve their conflict and become


Silent Music

by James Rumford

WHEN BOMBS BEGIN TO FALL, Ali drowns out the sould of war with a pen. Like other children living in Baghdad, Ali loves soccer, music and dancing, but...


From the Good Mountain

written & illustrated by James Rumford

What was made of rags and bones, soot and seeds? What took a mountain to make? For the answer, travel back to the fifteenth century—to a time when books were made by hand and...