Jean Power

Jean Power

JEAN POWER started beading several years ago coming from an artistic background including embroidery and feltmaking. She now designs and sells her own range of jewelry items. She teaches beadwork and is on the committee of the Beadworker's Guild. She is the author of 200 Beading Tips Techniques & Trade Secrets and So Easy...Beading.


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Q & A

1.) If you won the lottery, what would you do with your newfound wealth?
I would spend the money on a big house with a big lighted studio for me to work in rather than the dark and cluttered spare bedroom I currently use!
2.) What book, movie, TV show, or album has changed your life, and how?
"Why Not Make A Beaded Amulet Purse?" by Daphne J. Ashby and Jackie Woolsey, as it got me beading when I bought it as a kit and "Creative Bead Weaving" by Carol Wilcox Wells, as it introduced me to other stitches and showed me what beadwork could be.

3.) What was the worst job you’ve ever had?
A market reseraching---standing in the rain stopping people who didn't want to be stoped, asking them questions they didn't care about and getting answers I didn't care about!
4.) What music, food, drink, toys, etc… do you keep by your side when you're writing?
When beading, I usually listen to the TV and get giddy on Project Runway marathons. When writing, I listen to my iPod and Radio 4 and drink liters of water and herbal tea.
5.) Who has been the greatest influence in your life? How?
My partner who has encuoraged and supported me every step of the way. He's provided practical and emotional support whether it's website building and diagram drawing, or being my cheerleader when no one else believes in me---not even myself.


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