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Jennie Fleming

Audrey Mullender is Principal of Ruskin College, Oxford, UK, and was formerly Professor of Social Work and Chair of the Faculty of Social Studies at the University of Warwick. She was Editor of the British Journal of Social Work for four years and is an Academician of the Social Sciences.

Dave Ward is Professor of Social and Community Studies at De Montfort University, UK and formerly Head of Social Work at the University of Nottingham. His interests and publications include groupwork with offenders and in teams and organisations.

Jennie Fleming is Director of the Centre for Social Action at De Montfort University, UK. She utilises self-directed groupwork in participative practice, partnership research, and for the promotion of social justice and human rights.


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Empowerment in Action
Self-Directed Groupwork

Palgrave Macmillan
15 years on from first publication, this new edition of Empowerment in Action builds on a classic groupwork model that has stood the test of time and continues...
Jennie Fleming

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