Jerry White

Jerry White Photo: Richard Nowitz

Jerry White has dedicated his life to helping victims of violent conflict heal their wounds and rebuild their lives. He grew up in a large Irish-Catholic family south of Boston and graduated magna cum laude from Brown University with Honors in Judaic Studies (the first non-Jewish student to take that major at the school). He also has an MBA from the University of Michigan and an Honorary Doctorate from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York.  In 1997, Jerry co-founded Landmine Survivors Network (LSN)--the first international organization created by and for survivors to help victims recover from trauma and fulfill their rights.  During the past five years, Jerry has led the survivor charge for a U.N. Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities--the first major human rights treaty negotiated since the end of the Cold War. He has testified before the U.S. Congress and the United Nations; and appeared in hundreds of media interviews and profiles.



  • I Will Not Be Broken by Jerry White--Audiobook Excerpt

    Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Jerry White's book I Will Not Be Broken: Five Steps to Overcoming a Life Crisis. Tragedy happens to everyone. Whether it's the loss of a loved one, a painful divorce, or a serious injury, we must all face personal catastrophe—unavoidable moments that divides our lives into "before" and "after." These events take a heavy toll on everyone, but there are those who have muscled their way through tough times and emerged stronger and wiser.





The loss of a loved one, a bitter divorce, a serious injury or financial crisis—we must all, at some point, face those unavoidable moments that divide our lives into “before”...


I Will Not Be Broken

Jerry White; Read by Author

A guide to recreating a happy and fulfilling life after catastrophe strikes that Bob and Lee Woodruff call “a road map for the individual and their family to re-enter the land of the living”