Jill Dearman

Jill Dearman as been a fascinated student of the signs and planets since childhood. She has written professionally about astrology for numerous publications since 1990. The study of the stars led her to the study of human nature, and she has worked volunteer or part time as an HIV counselor throughout the 1990s.

She is also a playwright, screenwriter, and filmmaker, with many lurid credits to her name. Her short film The Great Bravura, a magician's tale, has been screened at several festivals, and she is currently developing a feature-length version of the story, which she hopes to film in the twenty-first century.

She spins her web in New York city, but in her frequent moments of pomposity views herself as a "citizen of the world." You can visit Jill earman's Web site at www.alphaomega1.com/jilldear.htm.

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by the author

Queer Astrology for Women

Jill Dearman
St. Martin's Griffin

A hilariously irreverent and startlingly insightful astrology guide for lesbians. Jill Dearman is a breakthrough astrologer for our time. No one has...

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