John Boswell

John Boswell is a book packager, writer and business expert who has used his verbal powers of persuasion to create and sell over 200 titles since 1972, many of them bestsellers such as French for Cats (with Henry Beard), The First Family Paper Doll and Cut-Out Book and the “365 Ways to Cook” series. He lives in New York City.



Donald J. Trumped as told to John Boswell

Dear Reader:CONGRATULATIONS!You have just picked up the best book ever written, by the greatest person who ever lived, using the finest pen ever made, set down on the world's most...


The Barack & Michelle Obama Paper Doll & Cut-Out Book

John Boswell; Illustrated by Randy Jones & Susann Ferris Jones

The historic journey of Barack and Michelle Obama to the White House is memorialized in this fun yet fashionable paper doll book featuring the Obamas. For the millions who can't get enough...


A snappy book of simple conversational swaps that reveals how to talk so everyone will listen Words matter. They can inform, soothe, sting, reverberate, and leave scars. And...


U.S. Armed Forces Survival Guide

Edited by John Boswell

Get the same survival training that the U.S. military uses for its troops.The U.S. Armed Forces Survival Guide is the only source hikers, campers, explorers or families focused on...