John Cassidy

John Cassidy is a journalist at The New Yorker and a frequent contributor to The New York Review of Books. He is the author of How Markets Fail and Dot.con: How America Lost Its Mind and Money in the Internet Era and lives in New York City.

John Cassidy

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April 22, 2014

Another Good Day for the Conservative Backlash

It’s been almost fifty years since Richard Nixon settled on his “Southern strategy” of mobilizing white voters alienated by civil-rights reforms. Almost the same amount of time has elapsed since the John Olin Foundation and other conservative groups set out to rein in the...

Posted by John Cassidy at 9:30 pm     
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John Cassidy

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How Markets Fail

John Cassidy

For fifty years, economists have been developing elegant theories or how markets facilitate innovation, create wealth, and allocate society's resources...

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