John O'Brien

JOHN O'BRIEN is lieutenant lifeguard on the Jersey shore and has been dedicated to beaches and beach safety for the past thirty-five years. The illustrator of many popular children's books-including This Is Baseball, This Is Figure Skating, and This Is Soccer-he divides his time between the Jersey shore and Miami, Florida.



  • Book Trailer for Blockhead by Joseph D'Agnese

    Math + Nature = Fibonacci! This trailer showcases Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci. Author Joseph D'Agnese and illustrator John O'Brien present the story of the famed medieval Italian mathematician who discovered the legendary number sequence that bears his name.



As a young boy in medieval Italy, Leonardo Fibonacci thought about numbers day and night. He was such a daydreamer that people called him a blockhead.

When Leonardo grew up and traveled the world, he was inspired by the numbers used in different countries. Then he realized that many things in nature, from the number of petals on a flower to the spiral of a nautilus shell, seem to follow a certain pattern. The boy who was once teased for being a blockhead had discovered what came to be known as the Fibonacci Sequence!

Book trailer:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEc9GyWjFUM


Pithy, declarative sentences and bright, happy pictures introduce very young children to a baseball game--from bat, ball, and glove to the game-winning home run.


Have you ever seen a dinosaur in your backyard? Of course not. But where did they go? What did a Parasaurolophus sound like? Why did the Spinosaurus have enormous fins along its...