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JULIA HINCKS is a teacher and textile artist. She currently teaches dressmaking, pattern cutting, knitting, and crochet classes in Brighton, UK, where she has developed a loyal following. She is the author of The Serger's Technique Bible. Julia Hincks is currently developing a range of ethically-sourced childrenswear in the UK, where she lives.

Q & A

1.) If you won the lottery, what would you do with your newfound wealth?

This is something my husband dreams and talks about a lot! I'd share some of the money with my family and friends and make sure they were clear of any debts or immediate money worries. It's so expensive living in the south of England, so I'd definitely help out some of my friends here and give them money to buy somewhere nice to live. My husband and I often think about living somewhere in the southwest---maybe Devon or Cornwall---the scenery down there is amazing. I'd like to live somewhere near the sea with stunning views but not to be too far from local shops, as I really hate driving! I like the idea of living in an "eco" house and having a wind turbine. We'd like to have pigs and chickens, too, and be a bit more self sufficient. I'd love a bigger room for my sewing and craft projects. I have a growing pile of fabrics and yarns, so a huge studio space in my own home would be fantastic. I'd also like an indoor swimming pool as I never make enough time to go to the local pool---I'm not sure this would fit in with "eco house though! Before we settled anywhere in a new home, I'd love to see more of the world and would have to spend some of my winnings on a luxury round-the-world trip---there are so many places to see and family and friends to visit around the world that I'd have to take some knitting or crochet with me for the long journeys!
2.) What's the most sentimentally valuable possession you own?
I've got a number of things which belonged to my grandmother. I've inherited a few of her sewing books---one book was a prize she won for "Ladies Tailoring" while she was at colllege. I've also got a collection of items from her sewing box. I often think about my grandmother---she was amazing at sewing, knitting, and crochet. I used to knit a lot of toys when I was younger---clowns, dolls, bears, and things. I'd always take a craft project with me when I went to visit Gran---she'd usually keep my finished project for a week to show her friends when they came to visit to show off how proud she was with my knitting and sewing skills. I'd like to have a few more years with her now that I'm older and wiser at my crafts so we could spend more time knitting and sewing, and I could learn some of her tips on how to do things.
3.) Who's you present celebrity crush? Name a past (and hopefully embarassing) celebrity crush.
I can't think of a celebrity crush that I have currently. I had a major crush on Keanu Reeves as a teenager and I think I went to see the film Speed at the cinema three times! I eevn dreamt about traveling to America and asking Keanu to marry me---I really thought it could happen! Thankfully, I got over it and don't have his poster on my wall anymore. I did have a copy of Speed on video, but I've since used the tape for a recycled knitting project. It was like therapy to help me get over my obsession!
4.) What's the worst job you've ever had?
I once worked for a roadside cafe/restaurant as a summer job. It was one of those places where everything was fried, griddled, or microwaved. We mostly served "all day" breakfast, but one day we ran out of eggs. It didn't go down too well when I had to explain to customers that I could get them an omelette, but couldn't fry them any eggs. (The omelettes came in frozen and were microwaved!) I didn't make a great waitress as I wasn't much good at dealing with angry customers---also since the food wasn't up to much, the customers were often a bit unhappy!
5.) What do you enjoy doing the most with your free time?
When I get the chance, I love to get my knitting out, put my feet up and catch up on soap operas. On a sunny day I love cycling along the seafront and whiling away a few hours sitting down by the beach and people watching. I love having the time to knit and sew, but finding that time isn't always easy. I'm a bit of a workaholic and can't say no to starting up a new class or taking on a commission. I'm working strange hours at the moment, teaching in the daytime and in the evening, so I often find myself staying up late researching or planning lessons for the next day. My husband and I are also renovating our home so there is no such thing as spare time at the moment. Every weekend is taken up by trips to the DIY shop, stripping wallpaper, and painting! I've organized a knitting group which meets in Brighton on Tuesday evenings so I have at least one evening where I can relax, chat with friends, and craft at the same time. As a teacher I'm lucky because I get regular holidays. I really look forward to the holidays when I can spend more time on sewing projects. I like to have a few days for my sewing projects so I can have everything out, cut out of a pattern, and make it up in one go without having to stop and start. I love making clothes for myself and for my young relatives. Making childrenswear is so quick and easy---you can finish a project in a few hours! Currently, I have a large pile of fabric, patterns, and design ideas which are waiting for me to have the time to create. I'm looking forward to when the renovating is over and I can find some spare time again!


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