Karen Kelly

KAREN KELLY is a prolific author and journalist. She has collaborated on a number of non-fiction books, and has written articles for The New York Times, Natural Health Magazine, Yoga Journal, and The Wall Street Journal.  Kelly also worked as a senior editor at Warner Books and was Editorial Director of Daybreak Books, Rodale's personal growth imprint.

Karen Kelly

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The Secret of The Secret by Karen Kelly--Audiobook Excerpt

Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Karen Kelly's The Secret of The Secret: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Runaway Bestseller. The Secret has taken the book world by storm, giving people the power to live happier, more prosperous lives through the law of attraction. In the same vein as Breaking the Da Vinci Code, The Secret of "The Secret" takes an independent look at the people and the ideas behind the bestseller and examines what made The Secret so successful.

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Karen Kelly

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The Secret of The Secret

Karen Kelly; read by Kathleen McInerney
Macmillan Audio

Uncover the magic behind the magic that made the astonishing bestseller The Secret into a national phenomenon

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