Leslie Conron Carola

NATHALIE METIVIER created most of the artwork for Magenta Style Paper Enchantments. She has been with Magenta from its beginning in Montreal nearly 20 years ago, designing stamps, papers, and embellishments, and teaching others to create--Magenta Style.

LESLIE CAROLA is a writer, editor, book producer, and paper crafter who has developed and produced more than a dozen paper craft books. She heads her own book packaging company--Arena Books Associates, LLC--in Westport, CT.

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by the author

Magenta Style Paper Magic

Nathalie Metivier and Leslie Conron Carola
St. Martin's Griffin

A Main Selection for Crafter’s Choice Book Club Elegant, artistic, inspiring, magical---all terms used to describe Magenta, a unique company in Quebec,...

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Magenta Style Paper Enchantments

Nathalie Metivier and Leslie Carola
St. Martin's Griffin

Just what is it about Magenta projects? What makes them so ditinctive? There is certainly color galore, texture that you can "feel," and embellishments...

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