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Let's Go Inc. all started in 1960 when a handful of well-traveled students at Harvard University handed out a 20-page mimeographed pamphlet. Their collection of tips popularized the new concept of student charter flights, hostel accommodations and student discounts. The following year, in response to the instant popularity of the first volume, students traveling to Europe researched the first full-fledged edition of Let's Go: Europe. Witty, irreverent and decisively honest, the writing reflected a new generation of travelers. These were not the "ugly Americans," often associated with tourism but were young people filled with a curiosity and desire to see a culture by leaving preconceptions and other baggage at home.

In recent years, the editors of Let's Go have redoubled their focus on travel safety and immersing travelers in authentic cultural experiences. The vision and sensibility of Let's Go has continued to influence the travel choices and inclinations of older generations as well as the burgeoning younger market. Every year, a new staff of 200 revisits countries all around the world. Looking beyond the basics, our writers seek out the latest inside scoops and undiscovered gems.

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Roadtripping USA

Let's Go, Inc.
Let's Go Publications

LET’S GO hits the open road to rediscover the classic American roadtrip, offering firsthand advice, budget-savvy tips, and plenty of local flavor to boot. This...

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