Lewis M. Gediman

Lewis M. Gediman is president of The Gediman Research Group, Inc. and a consulting affiliate of Dialogue Resource, Inc. – both marketing research and consulting firms.  He lives and, when he can’t avoid it, works in Stamford, Connecticut, where he takes frequent long walks and occasional umbrage.  His breadth of vision and depth of thinking is perhaps best expressed in the guiding principle:  “I never met a word I couldn’t distort.”  A dedicated fitness buff, he enjoys watching people exercise and eat sensibly.

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Lewis M. Gediman with Nino DeNicola, Paul Gediman, and Michael B. Laudor
St. Martin's Griffin/Thomas Dunne Books

At last, a book for the American Idle. Here is a punny new dictionary of inventive definitions of real words. Acrimony: Spousal support payments following...

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