Marcia B. Siegel

Marcia B. Siegel’s career as a dance writer spans the same years as Twyla Tharp’s choreography. A contributing editor to the Hudson Review and dance critic for the Boston Phoenix, Siegel has been a regular reviewer for New York magazine, the Christian Science Monitor, and the Soho Weekly News, and has written for journals and periodicals in the U.S. and Europe. Biographer of modern dance pioneer Doris Humphrey and author of the classic study The Shapes of Change: Images of American Dance, she has also published three collections of reviews and essays. Marcia Siegel was the 2004 Senior Critic Honoree of the Dance Critics Association, and in 2005 she received the CORD award for Outstanding Contributions to Dance Research.


Howling Near Heaven

Marcia B. Siegel

For more than four decades, Twyla Tharp has been a phenomenon in American dance, a choreographer who not only broke the rules but refused to repeat her own successes. At the conclusion of...