Mariette DiChristina

MARIETTE DICHRISTINA joined Scientific American as executive editor in April 2001. She also runs the bimonthly Scientific American Mind and manages
Scientific American’s quarterly newsstand special editions. Previously, she was executive editor of Popular Science, where she worked for nearly 14 years.
Her writing and editing about space topics helped garner Popular Science the Space Foundation’s 2001 Douglas S. Morrow Public Outreach Award. DiChristina is currently vice president of the board of the National Association of Science Writers, and former chair of Science Writers in New York. She holds a B.S. in magazine journalism from Boston University.

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Brainstorm by Mariette DiChristina--Audiobook Excerpt

Listen to this excerpt from Mariette DiChristina's audiobook Brainstorm: Using Science to Spark Maximum Creativity. Creativity is often considered an innate gift, not something that can be learned or optimized. In fact, there is an entire branch of science devoted to dissecting, understanding, and stimulating creativity.

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Marriette DiChristina, read by William Dufris and Helen Litchfield
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 A fascinating, informative, and clearly explained exploration of the science of creativity.

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