Matthew Roberts

Matthew Roberts is a highly experienced freelance equestrian photographer, whose work appears in Your Horse, Britain's best-selling equestrian monthly magazine.

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by the author

Political Movements in Urban England, 1832-1914
British History in Perspective
Matthew Roberts Jeremy Black
Palgrave Macmillan

A critical introduction to the mass political movements that came of age in urban England during a formative period, and to the exciting and controversial new...

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My First Horse and Pony Care Book
My First Horse and Pony
Judith Draper; Elwyn Hartley Edwards; Matthew Roberts

Because even city kids dream of owning a pony someday! Award-winning author Judith Draper clearly explains every aspect of horse care, from feeding and...

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My First Horse and Pony Book
My First Horse and Pony
Judith Draper; Matthew Roberts

This stunningly photographed book is just what young equestrian enthusiasts need to fuel their excitement, be they budding riders who already have their own...

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