Mildred Ellen Orton

In 1946, Vrest and Mildred Ellen Orton opened The Vermont Country Store in Weston, stocking it with products  that had largely disappeared from modern stores. Today their son, Lyman and his sons, Cabot, Gardner, and Eliot, run the store, and a greatly expanded version of their original catalogue and web site,  Cooking with Wholegrains is sure to find a place in every natural-food kitchen as a companion volume to Vrest Orton's The American Cider Book.

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by the author

Cooking with Wholegrains

Mildred Ellen Orton; Foreword by Deborah Madison; Introduction by Vrest Orton
Farrar, Straus and Giroux Paperbacks

This short, charming little primer in wholegrain cookery was first published in 1947—long before healthy eating was a national obsession. Reprinted numerous...

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