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Reba Toney

Reba Toney

Reba Toney can be heard daily on the Los Angeles KFSH 99.5FM Morning Show. She also hosts a show on mid days on sister station KKLA 99.5. She can also be seen on television hosting a youth-focused, co-ed talk show as a host of JCTV's "Top 3," which airs three times a week on the TBN network (The Trinity Broadcasting Network). She lives in Los Angeles with her daughter.

Reba Toney



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The Rating Game - Promo

Reba Toney explains how a point-based rating system can help you find more compatible partners.

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The Rating Game
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The Rating Game

Reba Toney
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The Theory: if you're always getting dumped it's because you're dating people who are better than you. If you're always dumping people it's because you're dating people that aren't good enough...

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