Rhys Andrews

RHYS ANDREWS is a Senior Research Fellow at Cardiff Business School, UK. He has published widely on strategic management in the public sector, organizational and community social capital and organizational environments.

GEORGE BOYNE is Professor of Public Sector Management at Cardiff University, UK, and President of the Public Management Research Association. He has published numerous journal articles and books on management and public service performance, and his current research interests include executive succession and administrative intensity in public organizations.

JENNIFER LAW is a Principal Lecturer in Public Management in the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Glamorgan, UK. She has published widely on accountability, outcome measurement and strategic management in public services.

RICHARD M. WALKER is Professor of Public Management and Policy in the Department of Public and Social Administration at the City University of Hong Kong,China.He has held professorships at Cardiff University and the University of Hong Kong, and published on innovation, public service performance, red tape and strategic management


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