Ron Taffel

Dr. Ron Taffel is a noted child and family therapist and author of Parenting by Heart, Why Parents Disagree, Nurturing Good Children Now, and a guide for child professionals, Getting Through to Difficult Kids and Parents. He consults with and lectures at school, religious, and community organizations around the country. He is an award-winning contributing editor to Parents magazine and the founder of Family and Couples Treatment Services at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy in New York City, where he lives with his wife and children.


The Second Family

Ron Taffel with Melinda Blau

If you have a teen or pre-teen, you recognize the phenomenon already-perhaps without even knowing it has a name. "The second family," as uncompromisingly described by renowned therapist Dr. Ron...


Nurturing Good Children Now

Ron Taffel, Ph.D., with Melinda Blau

In these difficult, sometimes violent, times, how can we nurture children who are both good and happy? How can we help them stay safe, be respectful, and reach their full potential? Nurturing Good...