Sarah Cant

Sarah Cant

Sarah Cant creates millinery and mixed media textiles from her studio in Oxford. She trained in millinery at the Kensington & Chelsea College, where she now teaches. She has shown her work at Origin, the Chelsea Craft Fair and London Fashion Week.

Q & A

If you were granted one wish, what would you wish for?
Wings, who wouldn't?

What's your favorite fictional character, and why?
As a child a read and re-read The Secret Garden. I loved Mary's fierceness, loneliness, and curiosity in the face of nature.
Who has been the greatest influence in your life? How?
My grandmother, without her ever knowing it. She is responsible for all the great opportunities in my teen and adult life. Her generosity, which she would never have thought of as such, made it possible for me to make my way through my meandering education to find, finally, the things which currently take up my hours and days.

What's the most sentimentally valuable possession you own?
I am a terrible collector of found objects--things which seem to me to "hold" memory: a stained, chipped tea cup, a feather, a broken locket, a half-burnt scrap of handwriting--I can't resist them. Some have been unearthed in my grandmother's house, some found on the meadow outside my house. I keep them in boxes, little collections within the collection, and think that someday I will find them a new purpose.

What's the last totally selfless thing someone did for you--be it emotional, monetary, or just telling you that you had toilet paper stuck to your shoe...?
A friend and fellow textile artist sends me late-night e-mails instructing me, in no uncertain terms, to go to bed when she knows I am likely to work all night. She understands that sometimes I just need to be told.


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