Sharon Brant

SHARON BRANT is author of several highly regarded knitting books, including Rowan's Classic Knits for Real Women (with Martin Storey), Scarves, Shrugs & Shawls and Professional Finishing Techniques. She designs and knits for television and film, her latest commissions being for the Harry Potter series, Atonement and Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

Q & A

If you were granted one wish, what would you wish for?
Good ealth for all my family.
Besides being an author, what is your fantasy job?
I have my fantasy job: working with Rowan and knitting.
Who has been the greatest influence in your life?
My mom and grandmother.
Who is or was your favorite pet? What made him/her so great?
My two cats, as they were always there for a cuddle.
What's the most sentimentally valuable possession you own?
My grandmother's ring
What do you enjoy doing the most with your free time?
Traveling, knitting, and spending time with my family.
Besides writing, what other forms of art and creativity to you indulge in?
Knitting and crochet.


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