Stefano Vitale

STEFANO VITALE has illustrated many acclaimed books, including Why War Is Never a Good Idea by Alice Walker and When the Wind Stops by Charlotte Zolotow. He lives in Venice, Italy.

Q & A

Where did you grow up?

In Padua and Venice,Italy


What is your earliest memory of writing/drawing?



What inspired you to write/illustrate your first book?

I am not sure, I generally don't believe much in inspiration I would rather call it hard work.


Do you use your childhood as inspiration?

Yes, I suppose.


What books from your childhood have most influenced your work? What about adult titles?

Hard to say.


What are your hobbies and interests besides reading and books?

Hiking, traveling, boating.


Who are a couple of your favorite author/illustrators? What is it about their work that inspires and interests you?

Too difficult to answer.


What one or two words of advice would you give for young authors/illustrators?

Follow your heart not the market.



When a child looks up to find drawings on the ceiling of a cave, she wonders how they were painted. Planets that spin, the birds and the beasts, woman and man—how did the old man in...